The screenplay: “The King of Light The Order of the Dark Gods” was born from the need to put my second novel into a film version. The screenplay is therefore a re-adaptation of the novel, suitable to be played in a Fantasy film that tells the stories of Fedrick.
The beginning of the screenplay starts differently than the novel and then reconnects to the novel when the crusader is inside the settlements, the night before the war that was about to start. Certain aspects of the script have been changed, and certain parts have been cut.
For example, in the script, the part in which Salazhar appears in the novel is not present, as are many parts present when Fedrick arrives in Gaza. This is obviously to keep the work within a certain duration of the hypothetical making of the film.

My second screenplay


Federico’s second screenplay is made using the author’s first novel in a cinematic key, so called: “The Secret of the Orchard”. The script is emphasized with more action and adventure, where the author creates new connected events between people within the country. Thus new mysteries are conceived which are solved, emphasizing certain aspects and characters that come out in the light of the sun. While the original book is put under a fairytale key, the screenplay makes the characters more concrete, revealing their true nature which is hidden in the book. There are therefore new scenes never seen in the book, new characters and other settings hidden by the veil that the book carries. The book has many flashbacks of the various characters, the author interpreted this factor in the script, creating ten flashbacks, thus drawing inspiration from Boccaccio’s Decameron.

My first blog and second YouTube channel


Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom is a YouTube channel conceived and created by Federico Carro. The channel focuses on all themes of pure conception and fantasy, dealing with comparisons, origins, curiosities, or contrasts of cinematographic works, cartoons, Manga, Anime and literary works. The channel deals with all the themes of pure imagination, any work that has a background of fantasy but also real and historical themes, always in comparison with the world of fantasy.

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My second blog


The Gamer Novelist is a project that tries to enclose all the literary works and videogames of all kinds through a blog. Created by Federico Carro, the site analyzes video games on every platform and books of all kinds with reviews, also including cinematographic works within it.

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My other website


My other site links to the rest of my projects. The site is much more complete than this one under my English pen name, Frederick A. Chariot, simply because my pen name site focuses on my writing side, while Federico Carro’s site focuses on the rest of my unmentioned projects on this site.

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Welcome to my other projects page!

In this page there is all my other projects currently available on the internet. For example, my screenplays taken from some of my books focus on my project, The King of Light. My first blog, Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom, incorporates videos taken from my second Youtube channel and focuses on curiosities, comparisons, and much more about any fantasy world. My second project is called The Gamer Novelist, officially my second blog, which focuses on book and video game reviews. Finally, I added my other site about myself, as it is more complete than this site on certain aspects of my person, such as how it presents my music albums and my project on Vernazza, called Vernazza Fandom Wiki.

Hey guys! Welcome to my kingdom!

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