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Fairy-tale fantasy in a modern key, with some classic hints, “The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods Initial Trilogy Book 1” is a novel that combines the intimate notes of the delicate love story between the protagonists: Fedrick and Isabel. The story of the young crusader leads the reader through evocative atmospheres, enchanted places, and unique and particular characters to a Turin as coveted as it is mysterious. This will lead Fedrick to understand that all areas of that world are governed by the Order of the Dark Gods and that what he wants will be part of an ever-bigger and more difficult plan to manage. A story full of unexpected events, unpredictable and always dynamic, through a totally new world to discover.

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The official book trailer of the first initial trilogy novel: The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods Initial Trilogy Book 1. A video introduction that describes the book’s opening to help the reader gain a better understanding of the King of Light’s universe.

The story of The King of Light saga

Work genesis

Already during the development of the author’s first novel: “Il Segreto del Verziere” Federico Carro wrote the first draft entitled at the beginning: “The Emperor of the Seas”. This plot had to tell of naval battles between medieval lands, islands and nations to which they had to try to take the middle ground between the states, the richest land that would bring the power to the highest level of the owner.

The legends

The first names of the saga

During that time Frederick A. Chariot would have already started writing the first names that he will keep later, such as: “Dar Queen”, “Dar King”, “Dar Jack” and like some lands such as: “Endland”. After the release of: “Il Segreto del Verziere”, Frederick changes his mind when in studying various medieval myths and legends he crosses his studies in some legends that tell of a celestial flow that, according to some studies, touch cities such as: Turin, Lyon and Prague, later became the three evil capitals where the Dark Gods reside.

The first novel

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods

The author felt limited in telling stories of the sea, probably writing about stories already told, from there he wanted to change direction and, through a different and decisive approach, he changed the title of his second novel to: “The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods“. Initially this novel had to close in a single book, only before releasing the book Frederick further modified the novel to make it a trilogy and subsequently write its first spin-off.

The initial structure of the novel

Historical and fantasy setting

The story officially begins in a historical era that really happened in 1099 during the battle of Ascalon. The novel begins exactly on August 9, 1099, the day before that Godfrey of Bouillon was supposed to lead the crusaders to Ascalon against the Fatimids.

The beginning

Novel introduction

The night before, however, Fedrick intrigued by a strange green light that came out of the Holy Sepulcher, goes inside, changing the course of events. From there the crusader faints and is thrown headlong into a world different from the original. The work, therefore, after a few initial and historical pages, the reader is catapulted together with Fedrick into a totally new universe to be discovered, amidst mysteries and adventures that can at times recall the Baroque current of the Italian seventeenth century.

A different world

The fantasy saga beginning

While the Crusaders are setting up the field for the war that was to begin the next day, Fedrick, tormented by the war that was about to arise, expresses his doubts to his friend Humbert. Unable to sleep due to too many thoughts, Fedrick notices a green light coming from the Holy Sepulcher from afar, letting himself be enchanted by the glow, he chases the light up inside, finding a green stone above the tomb, which, falling to the ground, breaks and a being dark invaded by the green light that makes him faint. After recovering a while, he leaves the Holy Sepulcher noticing only the desert around him.

The story of

Frederick A. Chariot

Frederick A. Chariot (Federico Carro) is an Italian author known for creating a series of fantasy novels titled, The King of Light, and its spin-off, The Knight of Light. His fantasy work has had several editions in English and has won several awards in the literary and cinematographic fields through numerous Italian and foreign film festivals and competitions.


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The King of Light – Initial Trilogy

You can believe what you want; that doesn’t touch me! But know that love, joy, and hope in living will never fall, and certainly will not be blinded by such evil beliefs drawn from your own hatred!

Fedrick during the fight with Kinsguard in The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods
Frederick A. Chariot
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